Chris Ruel: Mizraab – Mazi Haal Mustaqbil (Album Review)

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Mizraab: Mazi Haal Mutaqbil
By: Christopher Ruel
Published: Monday August 2nd, 2004

Out of the nebulous depths of the brilliant mind of Pakastani guitarist / composer, Faraz Anwar, comes a fresh, new, unique sound and conceptual vision on his 2004 collaboration with Irfan Ahmed, Jamal Mustafa, and Khalid Mustafa on the Sadaf Stereo release, Mazi Haal Mutaqbil. Anwar and company (a.k.a Mizraab) diverge from the instrumental format of his previous release, Abstract Point Of View, and instead embark in a new direction that aims to redefine the progressive vocal rock format. The album is arranged in a manner that starts slowly by establishing an atmosphere of despondant conflict, tension, turmoil, and desparation that builds with each successive track into the unrestrained, emotional tracks that explode with the climactic centerpiece tracks, “Mutazir” and “Kuch Hai”. First time listeners should be forewarned to be patient to allow the intricate plot to unfold, as Mizraab does not reveal the true depth of this album in the first several tracksm, but instead entices the listener to endure for the promised salvation of the climax.

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Mizraab Interview – US Magazine

By: Sameen Amer
Published: Friday June 4th, 2004
With the release of the band’s latest album ‘Maazi, Haal, Mustaqbil’, Mizraab has become a well-known name in our music industry. We caught up with Mizraab vocalist/guitarist Faraz Anwar for a little chat about the band…

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Interview with Mizraab – Karachi Underground [K::U]

By: Karachi Underground Wesbite
Published: Monday 27th September, 2004
This was Mizraab’s first interview to any website. Karachi Underground was the first proper website launched by a couple of Underground Music Lovers in the early 2000.

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